The inner processes of large collectivities and individuals in India is caught with a deep struggle of coming to terms with technology and organisation. This struggle can be understood through the following frame work.

Assumptions of the frame work :
a. Change is continuous but is registered clearly across historic events.
b. Across such an event the words 'old' and 'new' take symbolic meaning and reinforce myths and fantasy about the 'old' and 'new'.
c. Old becomes synonymous with backward, regressive, oppressive, native, superstitious, unscientific, undesirable, etc. New becomes synonymous with modern, scientific, progressive, respectable, reasonable, desirable, equitable, etc.
d. Individual development has two aspects - search i.e. discovery and acceptance of a discovery through processes of change in ways of living, metaphors of thought, language etc. And secondly, conformity to symbols i.e. Change that is widely accepted becomes an internalised symbol. These symbols then become the basis of norms and conditions belief.
e. Use of symbols without enquiry and real understanding leads to human waste, entrenchments in old frames or naked opportunism.