25th Apr 2017 to 27th Apr 2017

Venue : Taj West End, 25 Race Course Road, High Grounds, Sampangi Ramanagar
Bengaluru, Karnataka

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The Existential Universe Mapper (EUM) framework helps us understand individuals and organizations from a holistic perspective. Its origins can be traced to Clare Graves work on Levels of Existence. 

The EUM - I, now 17 years old, has been administered to over 3000 individuals across a wide range of age, gender, education, and occupation profiles. The EUM-I maps the individual both as a "whole" and as a "part" of the larger context, offering insights on his/her membership in familian systems, institutions, organizations, and the society at large. 

The EUM-I is based on the belief that despite similar patterns in the nature of issues faced, people are essentially unique. The tool examines the current location of an individual, direction/choices for the future as well as the anticipated blocks and impediments. It sees the individual as dynamic and with an inherent capacity for change. 
Thus, the tool seeks to understand an individual as evolving and responsive to the context, in distinctive ways, rather than as a time-invariant entity whose patterns of existence are a 'given'. 
This workshop focuses specifically on building skills in using the EUM-I. 

This program is ideally suited for consultants, leaders, facilitators, executive/life coaches, human resource/training professionals, and behavioural scientists. Those who have attended previous EUM-I workshops are also welcome.