19th Apr 2018 to 21st Apr 2018

Venue : Taj West End

The workshop is being offered only to certified EUM- I practitioners, as familiarity with the tenets underlying the EUM framework and features of various universes are a prerequisite for understanding and deployment of EUM-O.

The EUM-O is an extension of the EUM framework as applicable to organizations. It has been used in more than 100 Indian and MNC organizations during the last decade, often in conjunction with the EUM-I.

The EUM – O is invaluable in culture diagnosis, and in better understanding the relationships between the organization and its context on the one hand, and between the individual and his / her organization on the other. This diagnostic lens helps shape the leadership dialogue on strategic fitness and organization development initiatives.

The basic intent of the workshop is to train and certify a group of people to deploy EUM-O, in their respective context- as external consultants and OD practitioners or internal leaders/change agents.


The workshop coverage will include:

  1. The framework: Assumptions, axioms, features, etc.

  2. Inter-Universe and intra – Universe  patterns: meanings and implications

  3. The Key Pairs Analysis, the Distinctiveness Tonality matrix and the Gap – consensus matrix – getting to the layers, textures, nuances of culture;

  4.  Implications of over-engagement and denial of Universes.

  5. Recurring patterns and  outliers in Indian organizations.

  6. Working with the individual’s EUM-I and EUM-O response in conjunction – the individual and the ‘picture of the organization in the mind’

The workshop details are as follows-

Dates:                                  19-21 April 2018

Timings:                               9.30 am – 6.00 pm (on 19th and 20th Apr).

                                              9.00 am – 3.30 pm (on 21st Apr)

Venue:                                 Taj West End, Bengaluru

Program Fee:                     Rs. 35,000 (self sponsored)

                                             Rs. 55,000 (organisation sponsored)

                                             Plus GST (18%) favouring Flame TAO Knoware Pvt. Ltd

 Program Anchor:              Ashok Malhotra


Please get in touch with Naren (naren@totallyalignedorganization.com) or Sarbari (sarbari@totallyalignedorganization.com) for clarifications / further details.