EUM-O Certification Workshop

21st Feb 2019 to 23rd Feb 2019

Designing Organization Identity & Viable Culture

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EUM-I Certification Workshop

15th Mar 2018 to 17th Mar 2018

The Existential Universe Mapper© (EUM) framework helps us understand individuals and organizations from a holistic perspective. Its origins can be traced to Clare Graves' work on Levels of Existence. However, the underlying assumptions of the EUM framework mark a significant departure. More on this, in the workshop…

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Exploring Contemplative Conversations

7th Jan 2018 to 10th Jan 2018
Bengaluru, Karnataka

“Exploring Coaching Conversations” (ECC) is one of the core modules of the Coaching Certification Program offered by the TAO Leadership Academy. The Academy offers two streams of Coach Certification Life Coaching and Leadership Coaching.
This program is most suitable for people who wish to undertake a journey of self exploration as also learn how to coach others "to be the best that one can be". This program is relevant for internal and external facilitators/ consultants, leaders and individuals who wish to become a coach for individuals, groups, communities and organizations. This is also relevant to already certified/ accredited coaches who wish to explore a new paradigm in the coaching process.

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Awakening Arjuna - being the best one can be

28th Oct 2017 to 31st Oct 2017
Bengaluru, Karnataka

Arjuna Awakening is one of the key modules for you to become a part of the TAO gharana of coaching practice, of having contemplative conversations that enable your coachees to discover their inner resources to dealing with the paradoxes of life and discover meaningful action. This module is designed to equip you with a substantive internalization of the Archetypal Energies symbolized by the Pandava Princes, their counterpoints and the disowned aspects (commonly referred to as “shadows”) of the Pandava Role Identities. This module would help you to identify your own predominant Role-Identities and the impact of these on your engagement with your context; and to initiate the practice of locating yourself in the Role Identities that others take. This module also introduces you to an EUM based instrument to map the Pandava Profile of a person.

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EUM - I Certification Workshop

25th Apr 2017 to 27th Apr 2017
Bengaluru, Karnataka

The Existential Universe Mapper (EUM) framework helps us understand individuals and organizations from a holistic perspective. Its origins can be traced to Clare Graves work on Levels of Existence. 

The EUM - I, now 17 years old, has been administered to over 3000 individuals across a wide range of age, gender, education, and occupation profiles. The EUM-I maps the individual both as a "whole" and as a "part" of the larger context, offering insights on his/her membership in familian systems, institutions, organizations, and the society at large. 

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Systematic Innovation Workshop

27th Jan 2017 to 28th Jan 2017
Durgapur, West Bengal

A two day TRIZ workshop for Systematic Innovation was conducted at NIT Durgapur for their faculty and Management/Innovation center students on 27th and 28th of January.  

The workshop was attended by Prof Amalendu Bhushan Bhattacharya who is Chairman on  BOG and he gave the opening speech on the need of Systematic innovation and how the TRIZ methodology and software supports the innovation process from simple to  breakthrough concepts.

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